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U.S. History - The Nations Growth in the 1900s essays

U.S. History - The Nation's Growth in the 1900's essays While trying to improve our nations economy, businesses have not ameliorated because of one important backbone of our country, the farmers. Farmers face problems with farming due to droughts, prairie fires, high temperatures, grasshoppers, and locust storms. At this time, the value of the crops decreased due to an overproduction of goods. The farmers have tried to max production rates, but there were too many amounts of the same crop causing the value of the crop to go down. Since the value of the crop decreased, the demand for the crops will go down. For example, the cost of the wheat fell from $0.91 (1883) to $0.69 (1886). Farmers became poor because it is harder for the farmers to sell their crops (lower demand on crops) Also, transporting their crops to the market also costs money. The farmers tried to transport their crops by railroads, but the railroad owners tried pooling, which they charge more for short hauls than long hauls. A group of railroad companies would get together, increase the freight rates, and make railroad transportation more From the result of farmer complaints about railroad fees, congress passes a new law to regulate interstate commerce. It limited the railroad regulations within the state borders. The Interstate Commerce states that, all railroad charges must be reasonable and justified without pooling, rebates, and higher rates for short hauls than long hauls. Railroad companies were required to publish their railroad rates and their annual financial reports to the federal government. The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) enforced the railroad laws. The ICC is made of five members appointed by the president to do the job. However, the ICC could not stop the unfair railroad rates ...

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Art Critique Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Art Critique - Essay Example The tails wind around from the normal spot on the creatures and become plugs that are each inserted into an electrical outlet that sits in the center foreground. One creature sits facing away from the picture plane, revealing the depth of the TV and the source of the cords. The other creature sits facing it and its face, or TV screen, is visible. This reveals that the creature is reflecting an image that is a mirror reflection of the creatures from the perspective of the human viewing the painting. The image is clearly making a statement about the current state of existence among especially the younger generations. His approach is described as combining the â€Å"age-old aesthetic of realism with the conceptual ideologies of pop art and the absurdities of surrealism† (Zucker, 2009). The blue-green color palette is deliberately representative of the color that the television screen paints the room when it is the only light source. There is even the discernable bright light immediately surrounding the TV set at the horizon line that glows with pale yellow. The creatures are the blue-gray that human skin becomes when seen in the light of the TV. This introduces the idea that the creatures are really people who have dedicated themselves so fully to the entertainment of the television that they have become symbiotically connected to it – they cannot survive without it. But the message seems to go deeper in the scene found on the TV screen. â€Å"Williams’ biti ng wit and shady humor have become more honed and subtle in his recent body of work† (Mukul, 2009). In this scene, the artist is also sending the message that the television can only reflect the experience of real life. If the people aren’t doing anything, than that’s all that the television can reflect. When I first looked at this image, I simply felt amused looking at these two things looking at each other. The longer I

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Pride And Prejudice- Enduring Appeal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Pride And Prejudice- Enduring Appeal - Essay Example According to Lilian Robinson the 'great subjects' of Pride and Prejudice are 'class, love, money and marriage'. (p. 179) The producer of the television adaptation of this classic feels that 'though it's about many things, it's principally about sex, and it's about money: those are the driving motives of the plot'. (p. v) Sir Walter Scott commented in 1827, Also read again, and for the third time at least, Miss Austen's very finely written novel of Pride and Prejudice. That young lady had a talent for describing the involvements, and feelings, and characters of ordinary life, which is to me the most wonder I ever met with. The Big Bow-wow strain I can do like any now going; but the exquisite touch, which renders ordinary commonplace things and characters interesting, from the truth of the description and the sentiment, is denied to me. (Gilson 475) There are several reasons that account for the enduring charm of this novel. But the main strength of the book lies in its characters that people can easily identify with. Just take away Elizabeth or Darcy from the novel, would it still enjoy the same popularity that it does today, I doubt that. There is something immensely powerful about the way characters have been sketched especially Elizabeth and Darcy. Combined with vibrant characters is the orthodox romance- and together they give us a work that simply refuses to relegate. Elizabeth is a free spirited young woman who hates to be confined by the norms of the society. Miss Bingley at one occasion describes Elizabeth's free spirit as "an abominable sort of conceited independence, a most country town indifference to decorum." (26) Darcy is on the other hand a man with the world at his feet. When such a man falls in love with the otherwise plain looking Lizzy, the world has to sit up and take notice. Isn't this the story we could all relate to with its fairy-tale yet identifiable content Romance has an enduring quality about it and when presented with characters that are both lively and real, you have a deadly combination. That explains why Pride and Prejudice has never failed to attract the audiences in over two centuries. Strong vibrant characters and powerful romance make this work exceptionally outstanding for centuries. According to G.K Chesterton, Jane Austen "knew much more about men" than the Brontes or George Eliot (109). He further claimed that there was "an infallible force to her irony" and a "stunning weight to her understatements" (xv) Having said all that, the fact remains, had it not been for Lizzy's independent spirit and Darcy's arrogance, we wouldn't be obsessing over the enduring appeal of Pride and Prejudice the way we do today. Lizzy was everything that a woman in the 18h century must have hoped to become. She was intelligent and outspoken yet sensitive and loving. Regardless of what some feminist studies might reveal, Lizzy was not a feminist. She was strong and powerful because she was intelligent but she was neither against marriage nor was she above falling in love with men. Another thing that makes her absolutely irresistible is her ordinariness. Lizzy was not beautiful in the traditional sense. But she had her own beauty- beauty that comes from being original. She was a first rate version of herself at all times. Her genuine

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Gay Marriage Essay Example for Free

Gay Marriage Essay Gay marriages are a worldwide issue of should it be allowed or not in today’s societies and has been a topic for many years. Gay marriage is a marriage between two people of same sex or gender. There are states and countries that are against just as well as for same sex marriage. It has been a problem about whether same sex couples should be able to marry since 1971. It was later considered it was not legal for same sex marriage and tradition for marriage in the United States has been designed as legal commitment between a man and a woman. However, homosexual relationships are increasingly gaining the interest of acceptance in our country. Vermont was the first state to introduce civil unions in July of 2002, and the first state to legalize same sex marriage without being required to do so by court(Goodnough, A. 2009). Some states have considered a form of commitment called civil union; this is a form of relationship that is somewhat like a marriage ( Guide, 2012). Civil unions are legal contracts between partners that are recognized by a state or government as conferring all or some of the rights conferred by marriage, but without the implicit historical and religious meaning associated with the word â€Å"marriage†( Guide, 2012). They are not benefited any of the federal benefits of marriage such as social security. This is still a problem for some religious people in the world today who believe God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. Many politicians have said they are against gay marriage but they leave it up to the states to decide whether or not to support it. Several states have granted limited marriage benefits to gays but call them domestic partnerships. Society talks about how everyone should be treated fairly, because of rights and justice, but do not want to include homosexuals. Well it would be unethical to not allow part of society the right to love someone just  because that person that they love may be of the same sex. Homosexuals are human beings and they do have rights that should not be denied of them because some people think of them as different. Homosexuals love and need love just like others and this is a need. Love is need and a right for all human beings. Rather you are receiving it from a brother, an aunt, or just a neighbor, we as humans desire this only a daily basis. When we deny this by not allowing same sex couples to marry just because the person is of the same sex, this is considered unethical. Deontological ethics argue rights and duties. This would make same sex marriage wrong. Deontology says God does not like homosexuality and that it is not a right, claiming because the bible says this. In this argument, everyone does not believe in the bible and the bible is interpreted in so many, many ways. So this really makes for no real argument. People who are against homosexuality will be for this argument. The arguments against gay marriage are starting to be very weak. One argument is of marriage itself. One may argue that marriage is between a man and a woman. Marriage is a union between two people who love each other and God. This truly makes it hard to believe that it should be legal.Where another may say marriage is between two people who love each other for better or worse. Christians look and see that same sex marriage is against God’s will. A common Christian is to follow the word of God. Some Christians believe that the biblical rules are ancient and these desi res should not be amended. Christian followers said that God commanded that his followers do not engage in homosexual relations. Christians strongly believe that if God say that something is wrong, then it is wrong. Christians should also read on to see that we are all gods’ children and he accepts us for who we are. I thought God created us all as equal. Then there are the people who do not believe in God and they may say that the bible is being interpreted wrong and people believe what they want to believe. They would say who are we to tell someone who they love or marry. Taking away homosexuals right to marry is against the rules. Another argument would be that gays cannot bear children. True, they cannot, but they can contribute to society by allowing children to be raised in a two parent home and children will have a better chance a life. This helps out a lot of children who are orphans or foster kids. Women who cannot  bare children are allowed to adopt and raise children, so why are homosexuals any different. The utilitarianism will say that there is a solution for this. If we can have a marriage between black and white races, why cannot we have a marriage between same sexes? If a marriage is supposed to be between two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their life together, then what is the problem? In the mind of a Utilitarian no one in the society can see or foretell who shall have a relationship. If same sex marriage or relationships are so wrong give a good reason besides that it is not the norm of religion. Utilitarianism will ask, â€Å"How will same sex marriages hurt anyone†? I do not believe that same sex marriages will harm any adult but what about the children. Since same sex couples are allowed to adopt, there will be other children out there asking questions and wondering why they have two moms or two dads. If everyone is created equal, should this include the gays and lesbians? Telling them that they do not have the right to marry is taking away their human rights. Now is taking away someone humans right wrong? Defense of Marriage Act prohibits federal recognition of same sex marriage and allows states to refuse to recognize such marriages performed in other states. The only states in the U.S. that perform marriages between same sex couples are Connecticut, District of Columbia, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Vermont. In 2001, the Netherlands became the first country to open the civil marriage to same sex couples. Same sex couples are fighting for the right of their human rights and to be treated fairly slowly it is coming around for them. Ethical egoism contrast that homosexuals getting a chance at love by marriage is a privilege, just like it is for anyone else. This is not wrong, it is right. Humans have a right to choose the person they want to spend the rest of their life with, even if this person is of the same sex. When the constitution was made, it not state exceptions for certain rights to certain people, it is to all of society. People choose to be homosexual because they feel as if they were born to be this way and why should anyone try to change that? Homosexual may ask, â€Å"Who are we hurting†? Homosexuals have a right to fight for what is right for them and what they believe should be equally  given to them as humans. If they feel that it is right for them to love a person of the same sex, then let them. They may feel that they are the best fit parents for children these days, because they both can support these children and give them a happy life. At the same time, do not deny them what is rig htfully theirs. Ethical egoism is a homosexual own thought as how same sex marriage is not wrong but right because it does not harm anyone and it is one’s right. Same sex marriage is an ongoing issue because of many reasons. People if today’s society is beginning to realize that it is better to get to know homosexuals and understand them. They are no different from all of us. Homosexuals live and breathe air just like any normal human-being. They should not be told that they cannot marry because the person that they want to marry is not who we think they should be marrying. Homosexuality is a part of the norms these days. If society denies homosexuals the right to get married, then they are defining them of their rights. This issue does not hurt any one person at all. Love is what marriage is all about, whether it is a same sex couple or the opposite sex that is trying to get married. I understand that some people and Christians see this as a sin, but judging is a sin also and who are we to judge. People should not judge a book by its cover, and who saying that my grandma uses, meaning it may look bad on the outside, but when you open it and read it you get a different story. Homosexuals are great to society and should be given the right to marry no matter what. It all boils down to; God is the only one who can really punish them if it is truly wrong to marry the same sex. Maybe legalizing same sex marriage will affect the world or maybe not. Now this seems really ridiculous to me, but you never know. I do see this as an issue with multiplying though. Parents of the same sexuality cannot have children. There are some good argument and some bad arguments when it comes to the issue of legalizing same sex marriages. There will come a day that the world will come up with a decision that will make everyone happy or maybe not. References Mosser, K (2010).Introduction to ethics and social responsibility, San Diego, Bridgepoint Education es www.ashfordlibrary Hansen, V. Ethical Argument for legalizing gay marriage, (2012) Head, T. Marriage and Rights, (2012)

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Austria Essay -- essays research papers fc

Austria Table of Contents Population Culture Tradition Way of Life Vegetation and Animal Life History Religion Arts Language Education Health Government Climate Trade Resources Agriculture Bibliography Austria Austria, a small country in Central Europe famous for its gorgeous mountain scenery. The towering Alps, and the foothills stretch across the western, southern and central parts of the country. Broad green valleys, lovely mirror lakes and thick forest cover a good portion of the land. Austria with no coastline shares its surrounded borders with Liechtenstein and Switzerland to the west; Germany and the Czech Republic to the north; Hungary and Slovakia to the east; and to the south Italy and Slovenia. North-East is Vienna, Austria's capital and largest city, where about a fifth of the people live. Population Austria has a population of about 7Â « million. Most Austrian's choose to live in the lower east areas of the country and just south of the Danube River. Also the capital and largest city, more than one and a half-million of the Austrian population lives in Vienna. Other cities with more than 100,000 people living in them consist of Graz, Innsbruck, Linz, and Scuzburg. Culture Austrians do not like being classified as Germans, Austria is basically Germanic in language and ethnic association. Some minorities include 40,000 Croats, 70,000 Solvenes, and a small group of Hungarians (11,000) and Czechs (5,000). Most Austrian's live south of the Danube River. Austrians enjoy an array of fine foods such as a Viennese Clich otherwise known as a Wiener Schnitzel, and many fine cakes and pastries. The average life expectancy for males is 72 and females 78. Traditions In May and June Vienna hosts the Vienna Festival. This festival is a celebration of music, arts, and theater. Austrians have a great love for music, many of the greatest composers were born and played there, many like Beethoven and other popular composers. Operas are also very popular, and The Vienna State Opera House is the most popular for such an activity. Festivals play an important part of Austria. One festival takes place throughout the province of Tyrol, in the beginning of spring. People dress up and pretend to chase the evil spirits of winter away. Way of Life ... ...nbsp; Austria's had a negative balance of trade since 1945, Although Austria has a large income from visitors. Austria imports transport equipment, heavy machinery, fuels, foodstuffs, and raw materials. Austria exports lumber, paper, pulp, textiles, iron, steel, electric power, and machinery. Resources The greatest natural resources in Austria is it's waterpower. "Much of the potential hydroelectric capacity, however, remains to be exploited" (Prodigy 1994) 40% of the land is taken up by forests, which is used for timber. The most important resources of Austria are magnesite graphite; iron; ore; lignite; oil, and natural gas. Agriculture "Two trends have characterized post war Austrian agriculture: a decline in the portion of the labor force engaged in farming and a decrease in small- scale farming, with farms of less than twelve acres either disappearing or being consolidated." (Prodigy 1994) Some of the leading crops include barley, wheat, rye, oats, potatoes, sugar beets, and corn. Meat production has risen sharply, and dairy farming is more than adequate to meet national needs.

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Millennium Development Goals

In this twenty first century, one of the most widely discussed topics throughout the world is Millennium Development Goals (MDG). In September 2000, meeting at the United Nations Millennium Summit, the world leaders agreed to a remarkable document, the Millennium Declaration. The Declaration demanded that the world set its sights higher and aim for eight specific goals, most of which were to be achieved by 2015. What subsequently came to be known as the MDGs are – 1. Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger. 2. Achieve universal primary education. 3. Promote gender equality and empower woman. 4.Reduce child mortality. 5. Improve maternal health. 6. Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases. 7. Ensure environmental sustainability. 8. Develop a global partnership for development. MDG and Bangladesh: Bangladesh is signatory of the MDGs and it has made noteworthy progress in the attainment of MDGs. Notwithstanding the relatively slow income growth and modest pace of income poverty r eduction, Bangladesh’s achievements in the broad area of human development were faster and in some respects remarkable. Although the level of social deprivations is still high, the pace of improvements has been encouraging.We are happy that our efforts in reducing child mortality in Bangladesh have been duly acknowledged by the United Nations at 65th General Assembly session 20-22 September 2010. The world body has presented Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and through her the people of Bangladesh This recognition of Bangladesh’s sincere efforts in trying to reach the MDGs set for 2015, while clearly encouraging for us, is also a reminder for us of what we must yet to do in order to tackle the remaining sense of the eight MDGs. Our success in reducing child mortality must now be followed by proactive efforts towards achieving the seven other MDG targets. As thePrime Minister pointed out in New York, Bangladesh will need $ 22. 1 billion if it has to attain all the MDGs. Sta tus of MDGs in Bangladesh: Goal-1: Bangladesh is well on track to achieving goal-1 with poverty coming down to 40% in 2005. The poverty gap ratio has also decreased dramatically to 9. 0. Goal-2: While a significant 87% has been achieved in terms of primary school enrollment,dropout rates remain high & therefore primary school completion rate low. Goal-3: Bangladesh has achieved gender parity in primary and secondary education together with being on track with respect to percentage of women employed in agriculture sector.Goal-4: The country is on track with regard to achieving this goal. Significant strides have been made and if the trend sustains, the country will meet the 2015 target well ahead of schedule. Goal-5: The maternal mortality ratio is on track but the percentage of skilled birth attendants is low. Goal-6:Bangladesh has made some progress in the spread of malaria and other diseases. Goal-7: While significant progress has been made in terms of access to safe drinking wate r and sanitary latrines in urban areas, the same remains a challenge in rural areas.Also maintaining wet-lands and bio-diversity is still a challenge. Goal-8: Penetration of telephone lines and internet, particularly cell-phone usage, has increased to a great extent but youth employment rate is still low. Overall, goal-3 has been already achieved. There is more than 50% progress in attaining goal-2. In case of other goals, attainment is possible if necessary changes are made in policy and strategies. Conclusion: Bangladesh had adverse initial conditions at the start of its journey three decades ago.With one of the most vulnerable economies of the world characterized by extremely high population density, low resource base, high incidence of natural disasters and extremely adverse initial circumstances associated with the inheritance of a war-ravaged economy, the implications for long-term savings, investments and growth were deemed extremely bleak. Bangladesh which was once termed th e test case of development may indeed represent a learning site for keeping the hopes alive for other equally less fortunate post-colonial societies with adverse initial conditions.

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Why Turkey Coup Failed An X Ray Of Economic Dimension Essay

WHY TURKEY COUP FAILED: AN X-RAY OF ECONOMIC DIMENSION TO THE MASS SUPPORT FOR THE TURKIYE PRESIDENT BY THE PEOPLE. â€Å"Turkey has been the only economy that has been upgraded several notches since the onset of the 2009 global financial crisis. Against globally acclaimed norms about coup d’à ©tat, the Turks proved another traits unique of their race/humanity. The citizenry started a counter coup when all established institutions of governance in the country became indecisive on whose side to be, for the President or the coup plotters. I was amazed throughout the whole event as I personally monitored it using all available platforms from the international news networks of Aljazeerah, CNN Turk, BBC and Fox News as well as social media. Hence my perspectives are shaped by facts deduced from the live coverage of the event. Also, the best part of the scenario is the relative calm posture of the President Tayyip Erdogan while during the live call to the CNN Turk and his authoritative call for all citizens to move to the street, stop the coup and defend democracy. Your prediction during this call is as best as am, â€Å"nobody will be willing to face the gun†, but I was proven wrong as the citizenry marched out promptly occupying major squares and some confronting the juntas and over-power them. I concluded that this is epic and not ordinary, as it is unprecedented in the history of the world that citizens put an end to a coup, hence prompting this study ofShow MoreRelatedOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 Pagessocioeconomic circumstances and dynamics rather than standard but arbitrary chronological break points. In the decades that followed the Great War, the victorious European powers appeared to have restored, even expanded, their global political and economic preeminence only to see it eclipsed by the emergence of the Soviet and U.S. superpowers on their periphery and a second round of even more devastating global conflict. The bifurcated international system that resulted from the cold war standoffRead MoreProject Mgmt296381 Words   |  1186 PagesVollmann Manufacturing Planning Control for Supply Chain Management, Sixth Edition Jacobs and Chase, Operations and Supply Management: The Core, Second Edition Jacobs and Chase Operations and Supply Management, Thirteenth Edition Jacobs and Whybark, Why ERP? First Edition Larson and Gray, Project Management: The Managerial Process, Fifth Edition Leenders, Johnson, Flynn, and Fearon, Purchasing and Supply Management, Thirteenth Edition Nahmias, Production and Operations Analysis, Sixth Edition OlsonRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 PagesPromotion in England; and Outsourcing Kmart and Sears: A Hedge Fund Manager’s Challenge Chapter 13 Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 iii vii 1 9 11 103 127 129 147 161 175 177 190 203 220 233 251 267 ix x †¢ Contents PART V NOTABLE MARKETING SUCCESSES 281 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Southwest Airlines: Success Is Finally Contested Nike: A Powerhouse Brand Vanguard: Is Advertising Really Needed? 283 302 319 PART VI ETHICALRead MoreManaging Information Technology (7th Edition)239873 Words   |  960 PagesConnectivity 88 89 Electronic Data Interchange and Electronic Commerce 89 Marketing 89 The Telecommunications Industry 90 Review Questions 92 †¢ Discussion Questions 92 †¢ Bibliography 93 Chapter 4 The Data Resource 95 Why Manage Data? 96 Technical Aspects of Managing the Data Resource The Data Model and Metadata Data Modeling 98 Database Programming 100 97 97 Contents Managerial Issues in Managing Data Principles in Managing Data 101 101 The